Below are a few examples of our documentation available for families. These pages are placed in the children’s portfolios, which follow them from class to class, growing throughout their time at The Nest.

Sketchbooks with the Blue Room
The older children begin a new year with personalized sketchbooks.
Added 8/23/2022

Water Day for the Yellow Room
The youngest classroom splashes around on a hot summer day.
Added 7/12/2022

Packing Snack Bags with Love
The four- and five-year olds spend some time thinking about other children’s needs.
Added 7/12/2022

Earth Day
The older children discuss and learn about caring for nature.
Added 5/13/2022

Compost for Pumpkins
The toddler class works on composting.
Added 5/13/2022

Rainy Day Fun
The two- to three-year-olds have fun in the rain!
Added 2/25/2022

Stickers on Grid Paper
The one- to two-year-olds explore a familiar material on a new kind of paper.
Added 2/8/2022

Weaving a Rocket Ship
This two- to three-year-old small takes a fine motor activity to a new level.
Added 2/8/2022

Revisiting Maps
The three- to five-year-old class explores maps as an ongoing focus of research.
Added 12/8/2021

Studio MCE in Yellow Room
We try to build the fundamentals for art and self expression in our youngest students.
Added 11/15/2021

Nature Walk in The Front Yard
A simple small group experience in the daily life of our three- to five-year-old classroom.
Added 11/15/2021

Visiting the Mural
Children from the toddler classroom have a chance to view and interact with a mural painted by the teachers and designed by older children at The Nest.
Added 10/27/2021

Exploring Paint on Plexiglass
An instance of paint exploration and messy play in the one- to two-year-old classroom.
Added 10/18/2021

Art Adventures September
An example of visual art documentation from the two- to three-year-old class.
Added 10/11/2021

Yellow Room Studio Work
An open-minded view of art in the infant classroom.
Added 10/11/2021

Self Portraiture Blue Room
An example of the focused work happening in the three- to five-year-old classroom.
Added 10/12/2021

Trampoline Jumping
Our movement and music teacher’s introduction of a new fixture.
Added 10/12/2021

Digital Microscope and Nature
The oldest classroom’s efforts to blend nature and technology.
Added 10/12/2021


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