What Parents Are Saying

“Not long ago I sat down and did the math on how many hours we spend with Quincy versus how many hours she spends with you all at the Nest.  On a good week it’s an even split, but you all get more of her waking hours than we do for the most part. That troubled me.  I’ve known how much you care for her for quite some time, but after seeing the videos [shown at Parent Night] I feel/know now like you are family.  A family I’m more than pleased to share her with freely.  I see how much she loves you guys, and you her. Its so comforting and reassuring. 

What’s more is the learning and teaching that’s taking place is phenomenal.  Knowing what’s happening there daily helps us to utilize our hours with her in a more meaningful and consistent way.  The hours we get are cherished, and trust me when I say, well spent.  We’re very much on board with your style/techniques here at the house.  It’s a “different but the same” situation.  Thank you for everything you do for our family.  It means the world to me.”  Quincy’s parents, Ed & Erin

“Every morning it gives us joy to see our son eagerly join his educators and peers in exploring his environment. Each day ends with an in depth look into our son’s world as we pick him up and we hear about his adventures. We couldn’t be happier at the Nest for nurturing our son during these joyous toddler years!”  Peter’s parents, Bo & David

“Our daughter is thriving at the Nest.  She calls it “my nest”!  We are amazed at how well all of the teachers know her.  As one of the oldest, she has had the opportunity to play with and care for the younger kids.  And she gets to help prepare lunch, which she loves.  We can’t imagine a better experience for her.  THANK YOU, Nest!”  Louise’s parents, Jennifer & Garrett

“We are so happy The Nest has been our son’s home this year. We love how their approach to childcare emphasizes and fosters exploration and how they appreciate the unique personalities and needs of each child. The Nest really feels like a second home for our son, situated in a house, in a neighborhood the children explore daily, where he has been able to interact with both the infants and the toddlers as he has grown and his needs have changed, where relationships are emphasized and nurtured, and where fresh meals are made and the children gather together like a family around the table. The Nest is a fantastic addition to our neighborhood.”  Henry’s parents, Jenny & Greg

“I did not imagine that I would need full-time care for my infant quite as early as I did.  That said, I couldn’t have been more comfortable than I was with leaving my 6 month old in the welcoming, loving, nourishing, and stimulating hands of the caregivers at the Nest.  My concerns melted, my son continued to blossom, and I feel like the Nest is part of our family.”  Cruz’s parents, Stephanie & Jamie

“We have been impressed by the teachers’ genuine interest in Theo’s development, and their patience and creativity when dealing with his difficult toddler moments! The Nest’s curriculum includes a wide range of developmental activities, from playing with clay to exploring the local farm, which we love hearing Theo talk about on the drive home. When Theo’s not in school, he often talks about it and asks for his teachers by name — he really missed everyone over Christmas break! It is also a relief to know that healthy food is always cooked fresh on site, and that the school takes Theo’s food allergies quite seriously.”    Theo’s parents, Michelle & Chad


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