Wish List

Yellow Room

  • Board books
  • Interactive lights for infants
  • Sensory materials

Green Room

  • Musical Instruments like egg shakers, ukuleles
  • Kinetic sand
  • String lights
  • Fun children’s books

Orange Room

  • Stabilo Chunky Color Pencils
  • Tempera Paint (Primary Colors and White)
  • Playdoh (all colors)
  • Philip’s Hue bulbs
  • Water beads 

Blue Room

Multi-Classroom Educators

  • Balance bikes
  • Hammocks
  • Bird feeders, bird seed, and bird houses
  • Wind chimes
  • Patterned masking tape
  • Watercolor/thick mixed media paper

School in general 

  • Children’s books, books about nature/animals with photos
  • Zum mist aromatherapy
  • Drawing paper (all colors and/or sizes/shapes)
  • Markers
  • Bubble mix
  • Chalk
  • Salad spinners 
  • Recycled materials (bottle caps, plastic and glass bottles, leftover holiday cards, magazines, hardware like nuts bolts etc, interesting containers, feathers, fabric, tile, straws, strands of beads, costume jewelry, corks, ribbon, packing materials (IKEA is an especially great place for this), bubble wrap, appliance boxes, cardboard, boxes, and anything else that you think would be interesting for children)



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