Beliefs and Values

At The Nest, we believe…
…that children are born with a natural ability to learn from their surroundings and experiences.
…that all children have the right to a safe, loving and nurturing environment in which to grow and explore the world.
…in the collaboration between children, teachers, parents and community.
…the educator’s job is to support and deepen the innate affinity towards learning.
…that open and honest communication and dialogue among educators and families is a cornerstone to positive experiences for children.
…that all individuals are unique in their perspective and have the right to share their ideas in a respectful environment.
…in a high level of accountability of all to support the school environment.
…that the school creates an organic, dynamic and changing culture in which to navigate and grow.
…that a school is connected to a larger community and the school has a responsibility to enter into intentional and purposeful exchange with the community.

At The Nest, we value…
…each child as a capable individual full of ideas and knowledge.
…the education of children at every age.
…the reciprocal learning of children and adults.
…life-long learning for all individuals.
…time as a necessity for exploration and learning.
…simplicity in form, function, process and policy.
…complexity in thinking processes, research and stages of development.


Above all, we value the joy, inquisitiveness and sanctity of childhood.


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