The Nest Nursery School offers a full food program of quality meals and snacks for children 12 months and older.  Food prepared at the center meets or exceeds guidelines described in the  Child and Adult Care Food Program ( and the state requirements for food service.  Meals are prepared fresh daily and, to the extent feasible, include fresh, whole and organic ingredients.  Meals are largely, but not strictly, vegetarian utilizing protein sources other than meat and poultry for the majority of meals.

The school’s food program includes the following:

  • Lunch – served at 11:30 am to children who are 12 months and older.  The school works with each child to introduce new foods and to ensure nutritious and pleasant dining.
  • Snacks – provided mid-morning and again after nap time.  Snacks include fruit/vegetables, grains and proteins.

Families of infants (children between 3 and 12 months) are responsible for bringing breast milk, formula and appropriate food for their child.  The educators work closely with each family to create and maintain an infant feeding plan and introduce new foods according to each child’s development.  “Baby” food may be store bought or prepared at home.  All bottles and baby food jars and/or containers must be clearly marked with the child’s name and date.

Meal Time

Meals at the school are served “family-style” in the dining room and include the participation of the children.  At meal time, the table is set with plates and flatware.  The food is placed in small bowls from which the children can help themselves.  Children are encouraged to serve themselves.  Good table manners are modeled and encouraged.  Weekly menus are posted on the school bulletin board and online at our website for viewing by families.

Due to COVID-19 precautions children are not serving themselves at this time. Teachers serve in the classrooms.

Food Allergies

If your child has a food allergy, you must notify us in writing so that we can make appropriate substitutions.  The written notification should list appropriate food substitutions and must be updated at least annually.  Food allergies can be life threatening and each child with a food allergy should have an action plan for emergency care completed by the family physician.

Severe Food Allergies or Special Diets

In order to ensure the safety of children with severe food allergies (extreme and rapid reactions, allergic to many foods, etc.) or those requiring a highly specialized diet (gluten free, strictly vegan, kosher, etc.), the school reserves the right to request that families bring their child’s food that has been prepared according to individual needs.


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