Catherine Carlock


Cathy is a self-proclaimed ‘late bloomer’; who has dappled in all kinds of life and career paths from yogini to bookkeeper to massage therapist and everything in between until at 46 Y.O.; Cathy discovered her career as an educator/guide/partner-in-learning with the littlest learners.  After completing 4 years as a classroom teacher at GPCP, Cathy went on to create a state-licensed service for infants and toddlers in her home. 

Cathy comes to us with a wealth of knowledge gleaned from over 10 years serving families with young children.  Her vision is to learn and grow as an educator in a larger learning environment and to bring a bigger vision to her home business which she hopes to re-launch in the future. 

Cathy and her husband, Kyle Carlock of 23 years, live in Grant Park.  When she is not working; Cathy is practicing yoga, dancing, singing, sewing, bicycling and nature excursions.  Cathy also enjoys getting glimpses of her 21 year old-son, David, as he takes flight and lands; traveling back and forth from home to GA Tech where he is entering his 4th year of studies in Mechanical Engineering.


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