Garrett Goss


Music and Movement Educator


Garrett Goss was born in Decatur and grew up in Stone Mountain but claims to be an ATLien anyway. Garrett has been teaching PreSchool since 2009 and has been at the Nest since 2016. A lover of music, Garrett has been playing the drums for 25 years. He also plays the Piano, Ukulele and Guitar. When he’s not rocking out with his students, he can be found playing drums in the band, DOTS. Garrett is an avid fan of all sports andhas a special place in his heart for all of Atlanta’s sports teams. He is taking on a new role this year by Becoming a MCE and by adding “movement” to his job title. Movement can be dance, exercise, organized races, free play or organized sport. Through Music and Movement, Garrett hopes to share his love of all things Atlanta and continue a rich relationship with the children of the Nest.


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