Jess Reilly

Yellow Room lead teacher

Jess was born in Sarasota, Florida on November 16 1992. She moved to Atlanta in 2011 in hopes to find a more suitable and exciting environment with new opportunities. Jess is mostly interested in art and music, and would love to introduce these subjects early on to young children. She believes it is of high importance for early development and mental growth. She had the privilege to volunteer at The Sarasota Art Center where she taught art to children ages 5-7. This is where she discovered her interest in young children’s brilliant and malleable minds.

Jess started substituting for The Nest in February 2015 in the Blue Jay Room and the Hummingbird Room. After a couple months she was happy to be promoted to a regular part-time teaching position in The Blue Jay Room starting in the beginning of May 2015. She is very excited to learn more about the Reggio Emilia approach and is finding it easier everyday to understand the individuality that comes with each child’s mind.


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