Nikki Starz

Blue Room Educator Nikki Starz is an artist and teacher. She moved to Atlanta in 2009, graduated with a BFA in Sculpture and Ceramics from Kennesaw State University in 2010. She has worked as a freelance sculptor and artist for the last 12 years and began teaching at the Nest in June 2022. She has […]

Zoe Mick


Jermaine Taylor

Orange Room Educator

Rachel Maag

Orange Room Educator Rachel had a 7 year career in Corporate Healthcare before joining the “Great Resign” and finding a job that makes her happy in early childhood education. Coming from a Montessori school, Rachel is excited to be part of the more nurturing and child led environment of The Nest. Rachel grew up in […]

Simon Fields


Kelli Dyer

Blue Room Educator and Floater

Matthew Childs

Yellow Room Educator Matthew was born and raised in Hoover, AL where he developed a passion for all sports (especially baseball). Matthew’s passion for storytelling brought him to Atlanta in 2018 to carve out a role working in the film industry. He loves getting to incorporate that passion into his work with children. This is […]


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