Karissa Miller

karissa millerKarissa Miller is a Georgia born artist and educator. She is currently a senior at the University of West Georgia pursuing a Bachelor’s of Fine Arts degree in Art Education with an emphasis in ceramics. She enjoys teaching art to P-12 grade students while continuing to learn and refine her own skills of creating art. Karissa has skills in printmaking, photography and sculpture painting, ceramics and mixed media. Karissa also is interested in teaching elementary Spanish, introductory sign language and song with rhythmic movement. Karissa is most interested in implementing provocations for her students that inspire deeper understanding through research, thoughtful discovery, hands on experimentation and reflection of the information and outcome according to the interests of the children she teaches. Believing that every child is one caring adult away from being a success story is part of her teaching philosophy. Serving in the community and travelling have allowed creativity, professionalism and spirit to grow and advance toward higher learning and success in her field.

Karissa is experienced in caring and teaching children with Special Rights and is a caring and loving mother to her 10-year-old daughter who has Epilepsy and Mowat-Wilson Syndrome.


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