Chelsea White

Green Room educator

Hello all!  My name is Chelsea and I am a teacher for the Green Room at the Nest Nursery School.  Originally from Louisiana, I moved to Georgia years ago and have found the realm of education calling to me.  I am an artist, a designer, and even a musician (more ukulele please)!  Being a bit of an extrovert, I love to create and express myself and I feel this pairs amazingly with educating children.  I’m in the process of getting my Masters degree, but my first degree was in Fine Arts (GSU!) and working this into a career in education has been very rewarding. I fully believe in the curiosity, individualism, and the multiple intelligences of each and every child and I want them to flourish in a stimulating, safe, and loving environment.  My philosophy is Love Life, Be Brave!  For me, this means that the key to loving life is to always try to be true to ourselves. Thank you for allowing me the opportunity to be in your child’s life and to live my truth!  


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