Catherine Carlock

Orange Room Lead Educator
Cathy is a self-proclaimed ‘late bloomer’; who has dappled in all kinds of life and career paths from yogini to bookkeeper to massage therapist and everything in between until at 46 Y.O., Cathy discovered her career as an educator/guide/partner-in-learning with the littlest learners. After completing 4 years as a classroom teacher, Cathy went on to create a state-licensed service for infants and toddlers in her home.

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Garrett Goss

Green Room Educator
of the approach and as an educator in general. Garrett is in his 8th year as an early childhood educator, and he has worked with ages 1-5. He is grateful for the opportunity to do what he loves best, sharing his musical passions with his students.

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Amanda Ackerman

Yellow Room Lead Educator
Since the beginning of March 2015, Amanda has been working in the infant room as the afternoon teacher, and she is loving it. She has really enjoyed getting to know all the little ones. She is looking forward to continue helping them learn, grow and develop along with Heather and Rachel. Coming in during the transition of lead teachers had the potential to be difficult, however its been smooth sailing and seems like its going to be a promising adventure here at The Nest.

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Jess Reilly

Blue Room Educator
Jess is mostly interested in art and music, and would love to introduce these subjects early on to young children. She believes it is of high importance for early development and mental growth. She had the privilege to volunteer at The Sarasota Art Center where she taught art to children ages 5-7. This is where she discovered her interest in young children’s brilliant and malleable minds.

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Charletra Johnson

Multiclassroom Educator
Hi! I’m Charletra Johnson and I was born and raised in Atlanta, Ga. I grew up and still live in the historic district of old fourth ward near the Martin Luther King. Jr birth home. My passion for teaching started at the age of 13 while working at a summer youth camp. I loved positively influencing children so much that I worked there the next summer. Working with children sparked my interest in learning how humans think so I pursued a community Psychology degree from Georgia State University in 2005.

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Kiah Ballard

Infant Classroom Lead Educator

Kiah Ballard got her start at The Nest almost 4 years ago as an intern pursuing a degree in Early Childhood Education. Since then she has had internship positions in many childcare settings but The Nest always felt like home.

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Eleanor Walsh

Cook and Multiclassroom Educator
Bio coming soon!

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