Educator Statement of Commitment

Our School Environment

  • We commit to individual cleaning responsibilities as stated in the cleaning schedule and to weekly safety checks.
  • We commit to involving children in the upkeep of the environment inside and out.
  • We commit to organizing materials and supplies in a way that is easily accessible and logical for adults and children.
  • We commit to preparing daily provocations and to ensuring the environment is always rich with materials.
  • We commit to developing and making visible weekly planning and projecting documents.
  • We commit to making our school’s identity visible in the school.
  • We commit to choosing completing each year two “big” projects that we have pinned to our Pinterest board.


  • We commit to a social time away from the school for getting to know each other and having fun two times a year.
  • We commit to sharing ideas and inspirations and to creating an environment that is open to evolution.
  • We commit to having open communication with colleagues and families, including regular meetings with one another.
  • We commit to engaged participation in the work of Project Infinity.
  • We commit to weekly shared readings and written reflections regarding our experiences, strengths and challenges.
  • We commit to broadening our personal fields of knowledge and sharing with our colleagues.


  • We commit to being respectful and professional and to remembering that everyone has good intentions.
  • We commit to open communication with our colleagues especially during times of frustration and stress.
  • We commit to weekly scheduled planning time with one or more of our colleagues, including the Thursday check-in.
  • We commit to keeping a communication board and to and responding to daily email from colleagues and families.
  • We commit to making our communication with each other more visible and to collaboration as a style of working.


  • We commit to engaging with children in experiences that are open-ended.
  • We commit to nurturing children’s confidence on a daily basis.
  • We commit to respecting and being patient with children’s process and discovery.
  • We commit to using observation as a tool to learn more about children.
  • We commit to staying abreast of research about children and childhood.
  • We commit to being advocates for the rights of children and the importance of childhood.
  • We commit to daily documentation of children’s experiences as a tool to deepen learning and our understanding of how children learn.
  • We commit to revisiting documentation with children.
  • We commit to keeping portfolios for each child.
  • We commit to recognizing the importance of slowing down in order to be present with children.


  • We commit to giving visibility to children with in the community.
  • We commit to building relationships with our local establishments by giving gifts made by the children.
  • We commit to regular outings in the community.
  • We commit to an in-depth exploration of a specific aspect of the community.


  • We commit to two family meetings per year for exchange with parents.
  • We commit to upholding our communications plan with families.
  • We commit to two surveys of families per year.
  • We commit to creating strategies to support more parent involvement (room parents, fundraising, social events).


  • We commit to developing strategies to manage and alleviate stress.
  • We commit to developing strategies for self-improvement.
  • We commit to taking personal responsibility and to completing self-evaluations twice per year.

 Overall Mission of the School

  • We commit to making efficient use of our time.
  • We commit to using observation as a tool to learn more about children.
  • We commit to respecting the “appointments” that have to be made each day such as snack and lunch.
  • We commit to knowing, understanding, and adhering to the school policies as stated in our employee and parent handbooks, including the policies regarding health and illness.
  • We commit to understanding the fundamentals of the Reggio Emilia approach.
  • We commit to giving visibility to the complexity of children’s learning processes.
  • We commit to engaging The Nest community in conversation in order to support our growth.


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